Wallet Green -“Party Party”


Recently West Coast artist Wallet Green delivered the new visual to his Summer friendly track “Party Party.” Released via his own Mill Ticket record label, Wallet Green has spent the past few years working in casting for music videos providing extras for everyone from Cardi B to TDE to Tyga with video vixens for their latest releases.

Along the way Wallet has also developed his own music and music video that utilized his industry contacts and connects to shoot ultra high quality music videos similar to the artist he cast models for on a regular basis. 

“The record Party Party is produced by my boy Mojo, he got some nice production so you will definitely be hearing some other joints from me and him in the future. It’s called Party Party because when we were on lockdown we weren’t really hitting any events and I wanted a House Party type vibe to it. I wanted to have fun and give people a sense of what we were going through. Right now I’m about to drop single after single, so my job right now is just to flood them with good music and if I decide to drop an EP which I probably will, that will be around 4 videos into the project. 

While Wallet admits that he hasn’t dropped a song in a while, he has vowed to his loyal fans that he will continue to drop new content in 2021. 

“In all honesty the quarantine and lockdown had me bored and so coming out of the pandemic I wanted to do something and I felt everything was just too idle so I wanted to make something shake,” Wallet Green said.

Maintaining his DIY business model common in West Coast artists, Wallet Green provided the clothing, models, crew and set as this video was directed by Wallet himself along with the help of JByrd of Networkingz. 

Executed with ease this visual undoubtedly harkens back to movie scenes from Next Friday and House Party, as Wallet Green makes his way through the party with a bottle of Hennessy and plenty of smoke rolled up. 

“Our company is called Mill Ticket, we stand on four cornerstones: music, film, fashion and sports. Our biggest buzz from the brand comes from the casting side of things, I am a musical artist, but our company does everything. As far as casting goes, we cast short films, shows, commercials and have worked with everyone from Jeezy to Lady Gaga, so we are really proud of the work we have done with that portion of our company. We have worked with music videos in all genres and have even worked with Drake, Migos the list goes on and on. Nine times out of ten if you are booking for high quality, high end music videos, you are getting the models from Mill Ticket Casting.”

In addition to casting and music, Wallet Green also has his hand in the cannabis industry where he is well known for being a cannabis connoisseur.

“I got a different sound than you are used to coming out of the LA region, I have more of a mainstream type flow and hopefully I take off like I plan to do, but I think my cannabis brands and my 4:20 people should know I’m about that greenery and I specialize in cannabis. I will be giving you guys a good weed song, so look out for that real soon!”


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