W.I.L.L Drops New Song “Tropicana”


W.I.L.L has released yet another hit “Tropicana” off his latest Rebellious Album available on iTunes for Purchase below. Mugen Music stays coming with the heat!

“Take a trip to the trap with Mugen artist W.I.L.L. We know a lot of rappers claim to be from the trap, but we all can see fictitious created characters. W.I.L.L. certainly is not that. Real. In your face and a deep in lyrical content, his latest hit Tropicana shows the viewer a sneak peek at every day life in the trap. Laced with a deep base line this song is in heavy rotation in clubs and booming in car speakers throughout the nation.

“Tropicana..a lot of people lying they just Propaganda!”

W.I.L.L of Mugen Music
W.I.L.L of Mugen Music

Purchase for Itunes Here

Keep on the lookout for W.I.L.L and the rest of Mugen Music and Management at Mugenmusic.com




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