Veeta Venom Gets Passionate With “Body Rockin”


DC. musician Veeta Venom mixes seduction with impressive vocal intuitive with her latest single “Body Rockin.” The track tells a story of two lovers engaged in a sexual experience that is perfectly captured by the pen and voice of Veeta.

“Body Rocking” is meant to people people in the mindset of a sexual experience without having to struggle to picture what an idea of good loving is. Assisting Venom on the single is the smooth player-esqe bravado of DB Bantino which meshes well with her vocals and adds a level of ambiance.

Veeta Venom is a gem from the DMV to add to your daily mix if you’re looking for diverse music that taps into multiple emotions of the human mind. Another good listen is her LP ‘Bipolar’ where she put black mental health and other topics into the limelight.


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