Under The Tent Interview: NTO Speedy|@NTO_Speedy

How did you receive your stage name?  I got the nick name Speedy from a couple older guys in my neighborhood when I was 5 after I learned how to ride my bike without the training wheels speeding down the street.  NTO is my team name so I just put the NTO in front of Speedy and made my name NTO SPEEDY.
Outside of hip-hop, what other genres of music inspires you?  R&B oldies but goodies I grew up on a lot of old school soul music.
what do u wanna gain from pursuing music?  It’s nothing like creating dope content and the people gravitating towards it and giving you positive feedback, and course I want my music to get to the masses so I can have a successful career.
Who and what inspires your music?  Life is a big inspiration on my music I reflect on things I been through, going through and seen.  Various artist from different stages in my life influence my music.  Jay-Z, Wayne, Future, and Drake to name a few.
Does your family and friends support your movement? If Yes How so?  Everyone close to me is very supportive of my movement.  They repost content let me know when they think something is dope and let me know when they not feeling something too.
What artists would you like to work with in the future? Give Me 5 and Why.  Future because that’s probably been my favorite artist the past seven years.  Moneybagg Yo because he has dope content and adlibs.  Drake because he on top of the game and consistenly makes hits.  Jadakiss because he is one of the best lyricist in the game I know doing a track with him will challenge me to write my best sixteen.  2 Chainz because he got bars and is a only child and virgo like me.
What projects do you have coming up soon?  My Ep “All In” is my upcoming project and what I’m focused on right now.  I’m looking to release it around the fall/winter time.
Any show dates coming up?  No show dates yet.
How can people find you and your music online via social media?  They can find me on instagram and twitter @nto_speedy and facebook nto speedy.


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