$umo Lit connects with 4 & 4dhLou in new single Itz Lit


The city of Houston has always had dope artist that go hard for the hip hop culture. Whether its female or male Houston consistently puts artists in the forefront where you must do nothing but pay attention.

This time around Houston Texas give us 4DHouse Entertainment artist $umo Lit who is currently on fire in his city. Locking in with Producer Cool Azz Beats and artists 4 & 4DHLou they release new single “Itz Lit”. The name itself should tell you exactly what to expect from these artists. Cool Azz Beats hits you with the head knockers while $umo Lit ft 4 & 4DHLou lyrically bring you that Lit feeling you hear in clubs and the streets.

To bring the song to life they recently dropped the visual that will show you the vibe you need to be in when you tune into this music. The video perfectly matches the song and everything else about it is on point and official. The only way to know what we know is to check it out for yourself.

Check out the official video for “Itz Lit” available now on YouTube.

Instagram @sumo_lit


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