Tune In To The Playaz Circle Podcast (Ep. 11)



As a new and quickly bubbling platform branching out of Charlotte, North Carolina, The Playaz Circle Podcast is aiming to finish 2017 as strong as they started, and create new waves into the new year. The podcast consists of 3 hosts, Jelani Lopez (Laan), Justin Tolbert, & Jonathan Phelps, all good friends since college, as well as rising entrepreneurs within their chosen fields. Most friends that share common interest & can say that they’ve known each other for years always find themselves in deep conversation at random times & on regular occasion. These Johnson & Wales University grads took that very idea, & turned it into a medium so the world could tap in on some of the things they discuss amongst each other, and invite special guests to chime in with their thoughts as well.
Some of the influence in the way they carry the program comes heavily from notable Hip-Hop podcasts like Drink Champs, Joe Budden’s podcast, DC Young Fly’s podcast, and even DJ Envy. 
The guys started TPCP 3 months ago (late June) and already have published 12 episodes featuring some of the influentials and creatives in the Charlotte, NC area. Each episode is a relatable conversation to anyone listening, and you can be sure to be presented with real, genuine, casual conversation by 3 intelligent young men. 
As 2018 approaches, the group anticipates to begin live podcasting & traveling to gather different perspectives across the world. 
Stay up to date with The Playas Circle Podcast and their upcoming shows on all platforms with “playazcirclepod”. Listen to their latest episode here.




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