Trev Hunte – “Love is Deadly”


After appearing on Season 3 of The Voice back in 2012 and earning a spot into the final four, R&B singer Trev Hunte is back for more with a new single entitled, “Love is Deadly.”

The new single is to be released by his recently established imprint Wise Maneuvers Ent. which is based out of Los Angeles and also houses rapper TJ Uchiee.

“Being on The Voice went so fast because it felt like I was a over-night sensation. My life changed drastically with exposure and just being able to perform with different celebrities, it was a great experience,” Trev Huntesaid.

Moving on after The Voice, Trev Hunte spent his time developing his sound and went through several different managers and agents before landing with Wise Maneuvers Ent’s via business manager and talent scout Olu.

“Most recently I tried to really hone in on the type of music that I was trying to create.” Trev Hunte explained of his new material. “After working with several different manager and agents, I linked up with Olu from Wise Maneuvers and now we’ve been putting together a clear plan that we can use to market the music.”

“I feel like Love is Deadly is very different from my stuff in the past and I can’t speak for all artists but what I struggled with in the beginning after The Voice was trying to be unique. I feel like with Love is Deadly I did that, it’s a song for all generations and it’s one of those songs that is definitely going to do things in the industry because of its uniqueness. The visual is beautiful just like love”

Focused on making timeless music on his yet to be titled album, Trev Hunte wants to create music that can still be listened to 10-15 years from now.

“I just want to put all my energy and emotions into the music and hopefully that will carry over to the fans and new listeners. I will let the music speak for itself,” Trev Hunte explained.


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