TJ Uchiee – “Satisfaction”


Cali rapper TJ Uchiee drops his new visual to the song“Satisfaction” which has just started to pick up locally.

Smoked out with various lighing and with his Wise Maneuvers Ent. crew behind him, TJ Uchiee is set to garner wider attention on blogs, Spotify and amongst local DJ’s with a close ear to the streets.
“I was listening to a lot of West Coast artists and trap artists coming up and I got a mixture of both of them and I got a little bit of my own style. All these new wave artists are biting on whatever they can, but I got my own wave now and eventually they will be biting off me.”

It was just a short time ago that TJ Uchiee linked up with Wise Maneuvers Ent. a label that also houses R&B singer Trev Hunte as the two continue to push their music out across the West Coast and beyond.

“My homie showed his family my music and they was with it. I’m an artist and an owner with Wise Maneuvers so we got the LLC for the label. With the two artists on the label we have two different flavors on the label. A singer in Trev Hunte and a rapper in my music as TJ Uchiee,” TJ explained. ” I met Trev through Olu and we just clicked,

Pursuing his dreams as a 19 year old with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, TJ understands that music is a business after taking advice from his friends.

Kicking things off TJ is pushing his newest track “Satisfaction,” which TJ says the song was just coming to him as he heard the beat.

“I’m just focused on building the fan base with the new record and getting the fans familiar with my music.  This is a brotherhood, we are a label, we are a team and we’re making Wise Maneuvers. We’re making smart moves through the industry and the business of music, thats why the logo to our label is a steering wheel from a car.  We are in our own lane and we are taking the wheel and making the right choices as we move.”


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