THookz x Purcella – Ice Cream


THookz and Purcella bring Bubblegum Trap
to the forefront with new single ‘Ice Cream’

RALEIGH, NC – Bubblegum Trap is a term that most music lovers might not be familiar with, but the original sound that blends upbeat Pop melodies with hard-hitting Trap beats is something that is trending across today’s musical landscape. And at the top of the game is the duo of THookz and Purcella.

The two artists from Raleigh, North Carolina have been collaborating on projects for the better part of a year and over time have perfected a sound that is causing ripples across the music industry. Their latest single, “Ice Cream,” is the perfect example of what Bubblegum Trap is all about – with soaring melodic vocals from Purcella pairing perfectly with producer THookz’s beats and whimsical raps. 

“When we were creating it, we were trying, at first, to recreate the ice cream truck song,” THookz said. “It’s a song that already has a whimsical feel, and we wanted to pair that with the Trap bass feel. We really enjoy that playful, light-hearted feel with some sexiness which Purcella brings to the table every time.”

“I grew up listening to a lot of true Bubblegum Pop,” Purcella added. “I really love Hip Hop and the Hip Hop culture. When I got with THookz, I found a new sound that I really liked. It had that grittiness from Trap that I like, but with the Pop appeal that lets me showcase a little bit of my pop vocals. It’s kind of a mixture of sweet and salty.”

Both artists believe the untapped market for Bubblegum Trap is something they’re uniquely qualified to take advantage of. Purcella’s enigmatic quality keeps her audiences mesmerized. Despite her thick curves and R&B sound marked by firm 808s, she has never seemed to fit the prototypical Hip Hop formula of vixen-turned-rapper. She sings light melodies over tracks intended for trap artists as opposed to rapping. Her boldness for real-life storytelling with a direct edginess makes her more like Cardi B than Selena Gomez, yet her playful flirty-ness and sex appeal make her not much different from the female pop artists who have blazed the trail before her. 

When paired with the fast-rising talents of producer THookz, the sound becomes truly one-of-a-kind. Known as a quadruple threat among peers along the East Coast, THookz plays multiple instruments, shows off his engineering and mixing skills, and is no stranger to penning catchy lyrics and hooks for major artists. He’s known for his vibrant, cross-cultural personality that is reflected in his abstract Italian-couture-yet-approachable stage presence. THookz blends old-school R&B and trap drums with unique light melodies to make signature hits. He’s lent his skills to artists such as the 83 Babies, 24 Heavy, Harvey J, Lil Malik, Akbar V, Suave Da Juice, and of course, Purcella. 

Together, the two young artists hope to not only make an impact on the music industry but inspire people around the world to have fun and enjoy life.

“I really want people to know it doesn’t matter what other people think about you,” THookz said. “You’ve been made for a purpose, no matter how small or big that is. But you can also have fun. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. It’s good to catch on to trends but you can express yourself. That’s what we’re trying to do with our music – to bring the real-ness and the fun and blend the two. We want to focus on the commercial sound of Pop and Trap and have fun with it. And of course, we want to make a positive impact on the world as well.” 

Purcella said she’s particularly interested in using her platform to continue the conversation of women empowerment and women’s rights.

“There are a lot of female artists who are already addressing this, but the world can’t hear enough of it,” she said. “I want to be someone who shows women that they can and should be viewed with value – especially in the world of Hip Hop. We’re not just sexual objects. You can own your sexuality and have self-confidence and be OK with being bold and expressing that. Women like Beyonce and Rihanna are proving that. So I really want to be an artist who shakes things up. I want to challenge the Hip Hop community to accept more Pop influences and accept the positive impact this culture has on people who might not traditionally fit the look of the Hip Hop community. There are a lot of suburban white girls, like me, who have been inspired by Hip Hop music and want to be a part of the culture.”


To listen to THookz’s and Purcella’s music or to follow them on social media, please visit:

Twitter: @the_purcella 

TikTok: @t_hookz 

“Ice Cream” 


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