This “HEX” Teaser Will Make You Never Backpack In Cambodia Again


Cambodia is fast turning into the next backpacker’s paradise with its promise of sea, sex and partying, and in the scene you’re watching, Ben’s just found all three in sexy Amber … ‘HEX’ is a disturbing account into Amber’s horrifying visions that plunged her into a hellish world of terror  …

The filmmakers sought to faithfully piece together the disturbing events surrounding Amber, and, much like Thailand’s ‘Death Island’ at Koh Tao where at least seven tourists have either been murdered or simply vanished… appears that Cambodia has its own deadly secrets to keep …  

Shot on location by Stefan Ciupek (The Super), ‘HEX’ is a low budget supernatural thriller starring Ross McCall, Kelly Blatz , Philip Philmar, BAFTA nominated Adrian Hough and introducing newcomer Jenny Boyd. The film was directed by award-winning Rudolf Buitendach (Selling Isobel, Dark Hearts), who co-authored the screenplay with international award-winning screenwriter/producer Christian Piers Betley (Stranded, Breakout.) The atmospheric score was composed by Savage & Spies (The Human Centipede: The First Sequence.)

 ‘HEX’ is Rudolf and Christian’s second collaboration, who along with actor and producer, Steve Bakken (In Embryo, Fixed) created the first Canadian feature film to be shot entirely in Cambodia. The indie production was developed and overseen by executive producer Jai Khanna, (Business Ethnics, Drunk Parents) and the world renowned US management group Brillstein Entertainment Partners alongside Nautican Entertainment’s President, Paul Pan.


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