The Lady MC’s Of Toronto Put Their Bars On Display For International Women’s Day


As we all know today is International Women’s Day and the women of the day will not loose. Toronto keeps dishing out heat and if the landscape of the industry and it’s shifting of the climates is any indication of where the game is heading, then there a lot of lost souls that had better pick up a thesaurus and a dictionary and put an English professor in their pocket and get them bars up or, just pray for a miracle.  I just love the competitive edge, healthy competition and combined energy that sprays across the masses when a Cypher is being set off.

Today was memorable one for the culture as Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty and pHoenix Pagliacci along with Little Sister behind the boards on the track shitted all over the day with bonafide flames and verses. Of course the festivities of the first official all female Canadian Cypher was brought to you by none other than Team Backpack and of course we got you covered under the Tent. Peep out the bar brigade below.



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