The GlobeRunners – “The Cypher”


Recently GlobeRunners Entertainment, CEO and founder Hollyhood Bugz spoke to the press about his rising movement in New York City that’s quickly growing it’s buzz in the streets of Brooklyn.

Originally designed as a way to get kids off the streets, Hollyhood Bugz’ new rap collective the GlobeRunners embodies Hip-Hop’s original spirit; get the kids off the streets and give them something constructive to do.  Accompanied by Backdoor Movements CEO, BDM Smit, the GlobeRunners are pointed in the right direction away from crime and the confinements of jail, with a renewed focus on pushing the newest track, “The Cypher.”

“I started making music when I was probably like 13 or 14 years old in a juvenile jail as a way to express myself. I kept seeing the kids on my block needing direction, so I’m just trying to creative platform to put the kids on my block in a position where they can be doing something constructive and be successful,” Hollyhood Bugz explained. “I’ve taken a lot of trips around the world and the kids see that.  I feel like its something that the world should hear though too. After I went to jail and stuff like that, the fact that I became a success out here despite the troubled beginnings shows the youth they can do the same thing too. So this is way deeper than rap.”

Inspired by the philanthropic nature of Jay-Z, Hollyhood Bugz draws inspiration from his fellow Brooklyn native that made it out and found ways to transform his community. 

“I’m inspired by Jay-Z’s music because he’s from Brooklyn in the projects and for him to be where he is now, that inspires me overall with my circumstances. So I just want to create this way for the youth to find their path,” Hollyhood Bugz said.  

Featuring a constantly developing roster at GlobeRunners Ent., Hollyhood Bugz has signed  a host of talented and hungry artists including Willzbugatti, BiggsGTO, MaseratiMickey, Stellyhundo, Teddybucks and ShanPane.  With ages ranging from 18-34, this Brooklyn based group collective puts one foot forward with,”The Cypher” and cohesive sound that goes far beyond the music. 

“We have about 7 artists on the first song, it’s just called The Cypher.  We put them on a fire beat and we just showing our lyrical progression. WillzBugatti and BiggsGTO, they have a track out right now called Heartless and it’s kind of a melodic feel for the younger generation. Then we got an EP out called Take Money and it has 6 songs on there. Everything is on the EP, we just trying to get the best out of the music we are pushing.”


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