Tangeray Major – “Savage” Ft. YFN Lucci


Today Chattanooga, Tennessee bred and Atlanta based rapper Tangeray Major drops the highly anticipated single, “Savage” featuring platinum, Think Its A Game rapper YFN Lucci.

Representing his newly formed imprint, Major Paper Entertainment, Tangeray Major aka “Tang” has built his movement from years of getting money and flaunting a boss-like fashion sense.

“I got the name for my label from my son; his name is Major so I just put it with the Paper and attached my lifestyle to the business. I wanted to sign artists early on, but before my pops passed he told me to go invest in myself, literally a few days before he unfortunately passed. I took that as a sign and ever since then I’m been making unbelievable progress,” Tangeray Major said.

Things really began to pick up for Tangeray Major around Super Bowl weekend 2019 as the lifestyle rapper began developing a business relationship with YFN Lucci after the two met in the mall in Atlanta.

“I ran into YFN Lucci in the mall over Super Bowl weekend and since then I’ve just been dedicated to making music and investing in myself. My father told me to invest in myself and I’m continuing to push out the music,” Tangeray Major added.

Focusing on creating music that is about his lifestyle and experiences Tangeray Major isn’t new to the streets and showcasing his fashion sense.

“We been gettin money, we been swaggin with the runway fashion, so the music I got represents that. The music, the clothes and everything that I’m doing,” he said.


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