Taking Risks & Applying Pressure with Trap Genius | @TrapGeniusNYC


Harlem. The home of Dapper Dan. The neighborhood that lead fashion back in the 80s & 90s. Two men had a dream to follow in those same footsteps and use the place they call home to become their inspiration.

James “Rellzz” Ryals and Devin Gale are instantly becoming the new hot streetwear designers with their Trap Genius brand.

The concept behind Trap Genius was to create something positive with the word “Trap” because when people think of the word “Trap,” they assume you’re doing something illegal or up to no good. So when they came up with “Trap”, they decided to use it as an acronym for Taking Risk Applying Pressure.

“That is something everybody can relate to in day to day life,” they explained. “Everybody has to take risk during our lives and apply pressure to whatever that risk we take.

We see the future through the work we are putting in right now. We don’t want to give out too many surprises, but we are definitely providing more product varieties of a higher quality and exclusivity. We want to expand our reach and growth as a business and service. From vendor shows to opening a shop for people to get the vibe of “Trap Genius”. We are keeping all the designs in-house, original and freehand. Building a solid team to manage the order of operations. With hard work, we brighten our own futures.”

The brand is holding a super Cyber Monday sale, so go now to the website and see the latest collection.


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