Take a Musical Journey with the New Single from BurnOne Breeze – $avage


This well-known DFW Metroplex hip hop artist’s latest EP delivers the complex rhymes, layered
music, and unique style fans have come to expect.

Well known for his unique blend of musical styles and instrumentation, BurnOne’s new Single
will not disappoint his current fan base or new listeners. The single, “$avage,” includes
production by Tr3 Black. You can find “$avage” on iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, Google Play,
and your favorite music source.

Known for his collaborative, layered music and unique blend of instrumentals and percussion
with witty and surprising rhymes, on “$avage,” won’t fail to impress. Whether you’re a longtime
supporter or you’re hearing BurnOne Breeze for the first time, “$avage” has something for every
hip hop fan.

About BurnOne Breeze
Born Fabrice Muvunyi in December of 1992, in Rwanda, hip hop artist, BurnOne Breeze,
immigrated with his family to the U.S. where he grew up outside of detroit in Grand Rapids,
Michigan. At the age of 17, he moved to Fort Worth, Texas where he started to get more serious
about his love of music. He would hear rhythms and different musical instruments that fed his
ideas to tell stories through his complex and intricate rap lyrics. He loves mixing instrumental
music, especially strings, with heavy bass and percussion to create a listening experience you
won’t soon forget.

A talented collaborative artist, BurnOne Breeze has worked with rappers like NLE Choppa,
Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Lil CJ Kasino, Spud Boom and Fort Worth’s own Go Yayo. Mixing the
cultures he’s experienced throughout his life with a knack for layering musical sounds, any hip
hop fan will fall in love with the new album “$avage.” Find out more:

Facebook: @BurnOneBreeze https://www.facebook.com/pg/BurnOneBreeze1/
Instagram: @BurnOneBreeze https://instagram.com/BurnOneBreeze
Twitter: @BurnOneBreeze https://twitter.com/burnonebreeze?lang=en
Snapchat: @BurnOneBreeze https://www.snapchat.com/BurnOneBreeze


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