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Zilla Talks Relocating to Los Angeles from Shreveport, Louisiana, Bringing Real Rap Back and Performing At #NOBRAKES Season 2

Zilla hails from Shreveport, Louisiana but he has migrated to Los Angeles California to chase his passionate dream of becoming an artist. Tent TV caught up with Zilla at The So Cal...

#NewMusic “Dream About It” by @JoBreadGVNG

Stream It Now Rep'n that West Side of Fordham Road, NYC artist Jo-Bread is back with his new single "Dream About It" He is set to release his EP's (Our Daily Bread Pt. 1 &...

Tha Wrongkind ” Kold Niggaz ” ft Half Ounce

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33A2-EXfuo0 Tha Wrong Kind Records present a new visual from Inglewood rapper, Half Ounce for his street single, “Kold Niggaz”.

5ps – Sh*t Hit The Fan

  https://youtu.be/Cl--HOpAzt0 Amongst all the controversy and turmoil going on in the United States today, San Jose artist 5Ps drops a very vivid and emotional track titled “Shit Hit The Fan” that touches on...

Parlae -NiggazLikeUsFuckWithNiggazLikeUs Vlog 1

  Atlanta artist Parlae release his first episode of  #NiggazLikeUsFuckWithNiggazLikeUs Vlog 1. Parlae is seen walking around interacting with individuals in the community planning potential singles and more!

Rob Diioia – “Sanctified”

https://youtu.be/GrXOBr4oi5Y   "HipPop" artist from Pennsylvania, Rob Diioia, releases the official music video for his debut single "Sanctified". The personally classified "Angelically Trill" record has been catching online and radio attention since Rob and his...

VVSBeezy – Gurb’n 2 Much


Cato Cezr – Stuunt


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