St. Ivan The Terrible – The Inevitable: All or Nothing EP | @StIvanByzKings


St. Ivan, “Mr. Terrible” is a long time veteran in the rap game. Hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop (the South Bronx), Ivan has always been very much involved with every aspect of the “culture.” He started out his early years beat-boxing for his friends and banging on lunch room tables, providing beats for them as they rapped in ciphers. He himself would dabble with free-styling, and to his friends’ surprise & amazement, one day he unleashed.

Looking up to some of the greats at that time (the year being 1986), he wrote his first rhyme at the age of 13, and Ivan began to travel down the road of perfecting his craft. Everything that he puts his hands to do, he does with a “take no prisoners” mentality. From the streets to the microphone, Ivan brings to the game a no nonsense style. He’s been involved with groups before and now he has determined within himself to apply those same ethics and hard work as a soloist. We have yet to witness the full potential of this multi faceted artist.

The Inevitable: All or Nothing is St. Ivan’s much long awaited EP. The features were kept to a minimum, with The Inevitable featuring appearances from Dro Pesci and Don Streat for the “Carnage” track. Produced wholly by Parisian beatmaker L’undercover for Sismographe with DJ cuts by Jabba the Kut, St. Ivan displays 7 tracks of pure and authentic lyricism at it’s finest, the feeling of what Hip Hop music was made to sound like. You can cop The Inevitable, out now on CD Baby.


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