Snowy Talks Texas Hip Hop, Working With Others & New Music.


After releasing two buzzworthy projects during a pandemic, Paris, Texas recording artist Snowy prepares for chart domination. The highly regarded female act seized her moment in 2020 with hit songs like “Snowflake,” “Go” and “Bossy 2.0.” Heading into the new year, Snowy has become one of the most recognized new faces in a stampede of new female rappers coming out of DFW Hip Hop.

Today, we speak with Snowy on her role in Texas Hip Hop, creating two albums and what’s her next move in the new landscape. Check out the complete interview below.

Do you associate yourself with other Texas artists? If so, who?

Hmmm… I don’t really associate with people in general (laughs), but what’s up Texas artists.

Ever been to SXSW? Performed?

Yes, performed in 2019 for the first time. It was cute.

What’s your plans for 2021?

To take over.

What’s your plans for the remainder of 2020?

To stay on my shit.

Your numbers are growing and you just recently dropped a new project titled “Snowflake”. What was the response like with that project?

People really fucking with it and I love that. I feel like it really speaks to the people that respond to tough love, that’s me. We ain’t got time to be sad baby, shape up.

What was the creative process behind the project? Any purpose or meaning behind it?

I really was in a good space during quarantine and I went to my hometown and wrote a lot. Then boom I had a project.

What are your favorite records from the project?

Hilary Banks for sure, they change every day though. Depend on what song playing at the time.

“Snowflake” has over 11 strong records, how long did it take for you to create this project? Can we expect more from Snowy soon?

Not long, working on not tryna be a perfectionist so much so I can put more out quicker. I just be holding on to stuff wanting it to be perfect for y’all.

“Parlay” is another record that caught our attention from your project. Can you tell us about the record, the creative process and how you were feeling on this record?

Random, I don’t know where that vibe came from, to be honest. I was sitting in the living room with my mom & sis (they was watching housewives & I was In the corner with my headphones on) I wrote that song so quick, I think just Bc I was surrounded by good vibes. That’s key, get u some good vibes baby.

Do you write your music or tend to freestyle it?

Write for sure, I been working on my freestyling though so stay tuned. I’m just so weird, I won’t be trusting myself to just blurt shit out. Y’all not readdddddyyy.

Texas has had a bubbling hip hop scene over the past 5 years. With your home state nourished by rappers with talent, how do you set yourself apart?
SNOWFLAKE shit. no 2 snowflakes the same baby.

What is it like navigating through the music industry for a Texas native?
Great, bc a southern belle always on her toes (Laughs).

Has COVID affected your music or growth at all?
Bitter moutherfuckas.

What was it like working with popular Texas female artist S3nsi Molly on your single “Addin Up”?
Molly is bae. She was so sweet and talented. It’s inspiring watching all women move thru the industry, especially the young ones. I salute y’all.

Talk to us about the state of music and hip-hop in Texas? Do you like what you see?
Texas up, nothing not to like.

Is it hard to balance life and music?
Music is my balance. & when u align with purpose, life balance itself out.


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