Sleeze The Kingpin ft. Angel White – “Throw It Back”


Hailing from Junction City, Kansas, emerging rapper Sleeze The Kingpin found success in Hip Hop after being wrongfully accused in a murder conviction. He spent 2019 establishing a foundation on great storytelling, paid dues, formed connections and a breakout hit called “Love Bring You Back.” Today, he continues his rise to the top with his latest release, titled, “Throw It Back.”

Featuring the Dallas sensation Angel White. For the song’s video, Sleeze brings the strip club to his home during a quarantine. As he makes it tsunami with blue faces in a room full of voluptuous goddess, Kingpin raps living the fast life and being every women’s wet dream. Angel White assists with another defining guest verse about being the baddest entertainer. The chemistry on the track is electrifying and instantly becomes an essential track for both artist’s catalog.

Sleeze The Kingpin’s gritty, authentic street music is reminiscent of an older generation of Rap. The artist is genuine about everything he puts out, and street dudes relate to his message. But his stories are for everyone, including those who don’t actually live the street life like “the people who don’t wanna go to war but love watching war movies,” Sleeze said. “What I’ve been through and what I’ve put down in the music is for everybody. You can either relate to it or you love watching it from the safety of your own home.”

“Throw It Back” sets up an anticipated album release by Sleeze The Kingpin, scheduled to arrive late-2020. Now is the perfect time for newfound fans to begin their origin story with the new artist. The song is available now everywhere on Sleeze’s own imprint.

Take a look at Sleeze The Kingpin wild party now.


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