Skirt Off With KeyGold


Lay back and enjoy the smooth ride on KeyGold’s new single SKIRTOFF. Key Gold is an independent artist from Queens Ny. Gold has captured the ears with his versatile flows and harmonizing capabilities on various songs. As an underground artist he is constantly expanding his audience by creating different vibes for different audiences. KeyGold’s word play is one of a kind and his ability to format well orchestrated songs this early in his career is very impressive. His latest singles “Skirt Off” and “Whole Squad” show you his versatility. When asked who does he compare his sound to he humbly answered with “Key gold is key gold there is only one. I am one of a kind”. Coming out of Queens Ny he has a chip on his shoulder and a huge underdog mentality which he thinks will get him very far with his craft, because it’s never enough for him. GOLD is always seeking ways to push the envelope and create different sounds for the youth to fall in love with and hopefully become inspired by it.


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