Shah Cypha brings the heat with new project “Raw Stories”


If you know Shah Cypha then you already knew before becoming an entrepreneur with multiple brands, he was strictly an artist. In 2019 he released a project called “Kings County” representing his city of Brooklyn New York with 10 hard hitting songs. fast forward two years later he has now released another album titled “Raw Stories”.

This time he gives you 13 tracks where he taps into different styles and more of a mellow focus, all while still given you the raw lyrics his fans are used to. Coming off his group release Legends Never Die with Da Blood Brotherz, Shah knew that his next solo effort would have to be top notch and a lot better than what he has given the people before.

He original plan was to release the project with no features, but he knew the project wouldn’t be complete without his Blood Brotherz on it. His beat selection is unmatched, and the lyrics delivered on these songs truly match the concepts talked about in each song. Consistency and versatility are shown a lot on this project and with songs like Move, Brooklyn Boys, Still Love you, Roses, In The Air and Raw Stories.

If you don’t do anything else check out “Raw Stories” by Shah Cypha and see why we say talent is back on the playing board.


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