Shade45 adds Texas Native Droopy M to the airwaves


Maintaining incredible momentum the fast rising Texas Powerhouse music Label TMP (Take Money Productions) unveil’s another extraordinary album release for the 2nd quarter following AB Dvinci‘s impeccable body of work & hustle.

Droopy M, a rising artist from the heart of Corpus Christi Texas, graces the ears of tens of thousands of people throughout the globe listening to his new hit single “Testify” feat. AB Dvinci From Droopy M’s latest release “Gifted” the album available on all major streaming platforms.

Droopy M is making waves in the music industry. His style is describe as “ Reality Southern HipHop, but with more expression and storytelling over hype club beats.” He is an Artist with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Droopy is greatly inspired by real life experiences and hardships which influences him as an artist and his writing style.


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