San Antonio’s GMGcenzo Summarizes His Year in an 8 Minute EP – “See Bout It”


San Antonio’s GMGcenzo can literally summarize this past year of his life within the grand sum of 8 minutes and 15 seconds. He does, in fact, with the release of this 3-song EP, “See Bout It”, which hit the steaming world Tuesday.

The title track, a single Cenzo dropped in May, caught the 19- year-old on a high note as he celebrated his recent management deal under ByrdGMG and the beginning of a new chapter in his budding career.

The follow-up tracks, “Change the Climate” and “Still the Problem” are both promising examples of Cenzo’s versatility as he confronts the recent incarceration of his sister, street life and the quality of the friendships that life spawns.

Cenzo’s father was also recently taken from him and so the confinement of his sister this year makes him de facto head of the house. Fact is, it’s a mantle Cenzo accepts – he is turnt up and stepping up and knows that winning is the only option. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a whole lot of GMGcenzo in 2022. This young man is just getting started.

Stream “See Bout It” Here


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