Salma Slims – “AKA Salma Slims”


Once Salma Slims got her chance, she hit the runway, took off and never looked back! Her new video “AKA Salma Banks” is a clear representation of that, as it features the Atlanta rapper in full boss mode. There’s no need to sound the horn or ring the alarm for her either, because she’s letting the world know, “from the hood to the suburbs”, exactly who she is, what she does and how she does it.

With her prowess locked in, Slims puts an emphasis on being the baddest, and director Dalia Dias captures her extreme self-empowerment and confidence as she shows off her drip. Don’t put her in a one-dimensional box either, because not only is she supermodel material, but her flow is damn near flawless here, which only helps solidify her as an individual in a game full of carbon copies.

For Salma this is the ultimate case of putting her money where her mouth is and cashing in, because the next time you mention her name, you’ll be sure not to forget to add the Banks!


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