Rich Chambers – It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)


Rich Chambers drops new album ‘Santa’s Rockin’ Band’ just in time for the Christmas Season 


VANCOUVER, CANADA – The garage Rock sound of the 60s meets a modern-day Rock style on a new Christmas album from Canadian artist Rich Chambers. Released on October 30, “Santa’s Rockin’ Band” is a true Rock n’ Roll ride through some of the Christmas season’s most beloved and timeless classics. Featuring guitar-driven Blues riffs packaged together with some refreshingly rougher edges, these songs are sure to make it onto Christmas playlists all over the world. In fact, hundreds of thousands have already played the first single from the album, which was released last year. It’s called “It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)” and contains a catchy hook that paints a colorful picture of some of the stereotypical images of the Christmas season. 


“Ultimately, it’s a song about the innocence of children,” Chambers said. “That’s what we should all grab a hold of when we think about Christmas. So, I wanted to use imageries that we are all familiar with from when we were kids – like advent calendars, scenes from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ Christmas trees and lights, and other things like that – to paint a picture of Christmas. I also put this same kind of sensibility in the song’s animated video, which features Santa Claus and a little girl who strongly believes in him and the spirit of Christmas. Essentially, no matter who you are or where you come from, Christmas is about the innocence of a child and the fun of the season, and that’s the sentiment that drives the song.” 


One of the things that Chambers has discovered about his unique sound and style over the years is that he doesn’t fit into any one box. He’s been making music professionally for the better part of two decades with success all over the world from many of his singles. But unlike many of his contemporaries, he tends to go against the norm and push boundaries with his style of Rock. Though he stays true to the roots of Blues and Classic Rock, he often incorporates more modern elements so as to offer a more progressive and intriguing sound.  


“I really do sit in the middle of so many different genres,” Chambers said. “Other artists that are often described this way are Creedence Clearwater Revival or Tom Petty. Their sounds are similar to mine in that they are primarily guitar-driven with Retro and Country hints sprinkled throughout. I also definitely bring that garage band and Indie vibe feel to my music. I guess you could say I am a ‘jack of all trades,’ although I really prefer to look at myself as just a guy that people can relate to who writes and sings songs that are familiar sounding to them about things that resonate with them. I’m unique but not unique. I’m familiar but I’m also intriguing and new.” 


Another single from the album that’s one of the early frontrunners for major global attention is a song called “Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser.” It’s a cover from the popular 1974 stop animation Christmas special, “The Year Without a Santa Claus,” that features the show’s two Miser brothers who are constantly fighting with each other to make Christmas snowy or sunny. The song itself has a kind of dueling feel, with both characters coming forward in the song to sing and verbally fight each other. In the end, Chambers said it’s a fun song that audiences of all ages can love. 


“My main goal is to make this album as accessible to an 80-year-old as it is to an 8-year-old,” he said. “It’s a true Rock n’ Roll album, but with a very innocent feel.” 


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