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From the earlier years of Hip-Hop, female emcees have worked twice as hard to stake their claim in the music industry. With huge successes for such artists like Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Missy Elliott, the exploitation of sexuality was not necessary to gain success. Of course, much has changes since “U.N.I.T.Y”. But, for those old enough to remember, in the beginning of Hip-Hop’s rise to prominence, it was about exceptional lyrics and delivery and not a showcase of tits and ass. That is why the introduction of Resse P, a Hip-hop lyricist from Chicago, is so nostalgic and hopeful.

In today’s world of Hip-Hop, the exploitation of female sexuality plays a dominant role in the success of most women emcees. That is no surprise to anyone with a radio or Spofity account. Refreshingly, Resse P is the antithesis of such tawdry and substance-less gimmicks. From the jump, she has refused to denigrate the craft and culture she’s loved since birth. Bringing Hip-Hop back to Hip-Hop is not a cliche spouted by fledgling rappers trying to make a name. For Resse P, it is about become an influence to young female emcees wanting to express themselves without selling out to corporate marketing ploys. “I want to do for them (young female emcees) what Mc Lyte did for me” said the Chicago native.

Resse P’s latest song “#MOOD” has been making headway and gaining traction among industry insiders and local DJs in NY and Chi-Town. Although early, she’s proof that the ability to make good music and spit dope lyrics is still; and should always be sacrosanct in Hip-Hop.

On the heels of her upcoming EP called 1 Verse, slated for release on April 20th, Resse P is set to drop another single called “Soda Poppin.” There is a lot riding on this single for many believe this will be the summer breakout track that her fans have been anticipating.


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