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Seattle crooner showcases soulful vocals with smooth summer single ‘If Only’ 

SEATTLE, WA – The soulful sounds of the hot new single from Seattle’s Renatasya creates the perfect song for the summer. One part R&B, one part Jazz, and all parts Swag, “If Only” is the perfect display of Renatasya’s beautiful vocals – the kind of signature sound that pierces through the crowded world of today’s music industry. From the opening bars of the synthesizer – which takes the listener into an almost movie-soundtrack-type vibe to the final chords of her last notes – Renatasya takes fans on a journey that inspires others to leave behind hardships and start anew. 

“It’s a song about leaving behind a toxic relationship and turning over a new leaf,” she said. “I’m sharing my story of past loves, dreams and passion for music. But more than anything, it’s about being in a toxic relationship and having the courage to leave and move on. It’s relatable to everyone because we all go through ups and downs when it comes to romantic relationships. Sometimes we’re blinded by what we want and we don’t try very hard to overcome those hard relationships. I’ve been able to find my own closure from an upset relationship, and my music helped me to do that. It’s not bittersweet – I can enjoy it and enjoy this new path.” 

The upbeat single from this fast-rising West Coast artist is the kind of debut that makes people all over the world sit up and pay attention. Having been a songwriter based in Seattle for the past few years, Renatasya has put together quite a resume of collaborations and performances. Her music can be described as a combination of Soul, R&B, Jazz and modern Pop. And with her background of playing with bands and jazz musicians, she’s primed to make a big push into the industry with her original music.  

“I don’t say no to any opportunities and I love to explore new sounds and vibes,” she said. “I like the 80s in particular, especially the disco kind of vibes of that time period. But I’m also into contemporary Pop and R&B, and most people would describe my vocals as Neo-Soul. I’m very soulful and I love to mix all those things together while bringing in some Jazz. At the end of the day, I want to be known not just as an artist but as someone who is appreciated for my boldness in exploring different sounds. My music is an extension of who I am. I’m an underdog – a person who has dealt with low self-esteem and self-doubt, but who is using her love for music to connect with people. So I hope people appreciate me for who I am and see the light I’m trying to bring to the world.” 

“If Only” is currently available across all streaming platforms. It features Seattle artist David Heavens as well as producer Juhan Ongbrian. 


To listen to Renatasya’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit: 

If Only


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