Reef Hustle & Planet Asia Team Up In “Noise in the Js” Single


Hip Hop heavyweights Reef Hustle and Planet Asia team up in “Noise in the Js” single. The record is taken from Reef’s new album ‘Sneaker Box.’

The duo drops intense bars over gritty NY bass and drums, so intense no hook is needed. Reef, who serves as a street preacher, makes noise about issues people don’t want to hear or sweep under the rug. He has no qualms about that and walks his walk loud and proudly. Planet Asia comes in with his verse to solidify the theme while he radiates the city.

Take heed to sharp metaphors and gems being dropped in “Noise in the Js” and connect with Reef Hustle below.


Instagram: @reefhustle

Facebook: Reef Ali

Twitter: @reefhustle 


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