Rappers IamJaybo and BillyCeo Link Up With Producer Kenny Money On “Up To The Top”


Hip Hop is life, power, and expression. Hip Hop transcends race, class and cultures. It has been the voice for those who have been marginalized and oppressed. In these very turbulent times the pressing question for creators involves whether their art will be used to build or destroy. Two recording artists, BillyCEO and iamjaybo, are using their voices and art to build rather than destroy. When powerful music forces combine the outcome transcends mythical proportions. BillyCEO and iamjaybo have come together to collaborate on the critically acclaimed single “Up To The Top.” The song is about motivating people to be positive and to do what is in their hearts. The message is to keep persevering despite the roadblocks.

Equally important, platinum producer Kenny Smoove, now known as Kenny Money, is the architect behind the song. The music maestro has worked with a myriad of superstars from Boys II Men to Teyana Taylor and he has sold over 18 million records. He also produced the smash hit classic “Touch Me Tease Me” by Case. Rapstress BillyCEO personifies finesse. She is an artist and a business savvy, forward thinking budding music mogul. She adds class, intellect and style to her genre and she spins songs about love, lust, conflict and resolution. iamjaybo is a determined rapper with national appeal. His music combines a unique style with witty lyrics, and a true passion for Hip-Hop. He rhymes from the heart and he has aspirations of hitting the big screen as well.

There’s always something refreshing about creatives who feel comfortable in their own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, these three creatives are on a mission to redefine Hip Hop with authenticity. They possess the essential elements that make a music collective great, which include quality production, poignant lyrics, and unique personalities. They have uncanny chemistry. Music is more than theory and melody. It’s the power to make and change lives. The single “Up To The Top” is receiving kudos from DJ’s nationwide. The song is thought provoking and immensely entertaining at the same time. The composition is bold and daring. “Up To The Top” is a refreshing departure from the cookie cutter playlist of songs currently in rotation on the commercial radio airwaves. The song offers something more authentic and real.


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