Random Cochella – “George Jefferson” Ft. Big2daboy


Today rising singer/rapper Random Cochella delivers her new single, “George Jefferson” Ft. Big2daboy. Often standing out for her eye catching name that’s a combination of the words, “Random Complex Emotions,” according to Random Cochella, “Chella means emotional. I’m a very complex and an emotional person, hence random – complex – emotions, so it’s Random Cochella.”

Led by her new “George Jefferson” single, Random Cochella sings and raps about coming up just like any other rapper, but what’s different is the struggle that most people won’t understand at face value.

Despite growing up just outside of the paradise that is Honolulu, Hawaii, living on the Western part of of the island of O’ahu in the city of Waipahu aka 94 block, Random Cochella grew up under rough circumstances. Lacking support from her mother and being physically abused by her brother, “Chella” found her way out of a bad family situation when she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams to make music.

“The new single is George Jefferson, Biggie2daboy came up in the lab out in Hawthorne and he merk’d that sh*t, he got me so stoked.” Random Cochella said. “The song is about moving on up from where we was at and we did it organically. We had talked about collabing every time we seen each other in the streets or at events. The song was produced by Track who had invited Big to come listen to my album and Big was feeling the songs on the album and he wanted to come work on the record, so we did one from scratch. From the ukulele to making the beat we were here for hours vibing and making the beat.”

Managed by her mentor and producer Track, Random Cochella made a way for herself and has since established roots in Southern California.

“I was always told by my family to ‘go sing, go sing’ and I always grew up in a family that loved music. My mom would clean the house and listen to Whitney Houston and a whole bunch of other artists.” Random Cochella said. “I met my producer and teammate Track at a modeling shoot in Hawaii and ever since we’ve been working together and clicked, making the move out to LA. I ain’t even gonna lie we were ripping and running and it was a struggle, but we got through it and it was just an exciting transition. Just feeling out LA itself and just trying to find out who we network with and how we move around was incredible.”

Looking forward, fans can expect a full length album titled Therapy from Random Cochella this Fall that is still in the works and yet to be titled.

“I’m telling you this, not one song is the same – they aren’t ready for this project. I was going through a lot of shit recently and some of it was suppressed feelings from when I was kid. My brother beat me and my mother didn’t support me. My mom’s boyfriend molested me and I had to suppress those feelings among the long list of issues I had to deal with over the course of my life regarding close friends, family and people I met along the way,” she said.


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