R.E.D. – “Hide In Smiling Faces” (Official Video) | @R.e.DMusic


The visual to R.e.D.’s new single “Hide In Smiling Faces” is about hiding in smiling faces, going through the toughest moments in life, but finding that strength and spirit to move forward.

The concept of the video came from seeing how people going through pain, depression, or barely getting by, not knowing what the future holds, wanting to numb the pain of circumstances in life, loss of close friends, by putting on a smile.

R.E.D connected with Netflix’s When They See Us actor Mark J. Borkowski, who plays the role of R.e.d’s spirit, going through a range of emotions, from depressive to hopeful, then enlightened as they both film high above the city on New York’s skyline showing the possibilities of life we can have by finding that spirit to continue forward.

Borkowski stated to R.e.D., “You have to find the strength of your ancestors and give what you’re going through over to God.” Inspired, the rapper took heed to the words and shared with us “It’s about letting go of fear and finding that strength, that spirit. Instead of living in uncertainty, depression, and waking up to your worst failures and dark memories.”

“Looking at what my part was, that painted me into that dark corner and changing was the hardest to do,” says R.e.d. “If I don’t take this time to rewrite the actual cause of some of my problems, my part in them and what it cost me.”


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