Quick Smith – “Devil On Me” (@Quick_Smith9)


Recently 9th Ward rapper Quick Smith released the visual to his song “Devil On Me.”

Despite the fact that Quick Smith has a familiar story of an athlete turned rapper, the charisma and demeanor of this product of the 9th Ward is far from normal.

Part of what makes Quick Smith so different is that he doesn’t mince his words for anyone after growing up in a harsh environment where people are victims of crime and happenstance on a daily basis.

“I’m from the 9th Ward of New Orleans, the 9th Ward taught me to be me at all times. I don’t hold my tongue for nobody I don’t care about. I always keep my head on a swivel cause niggas is dying out here man. I just lost two of my homies just recently, shit is wicked out here in the 9th Ward,” Quick Smith said.

Although Quck Smith has been writing raps since an early age, he was blessed with a natural athleticism, so Quick Smith didn’t take rapping seriously at first.

“I used to play ball, but I’ve been rapping since I was a kid and since I could write,” Quick Smith explained. “I didn’t take it seriously because I thought I was going to the NFL, but it didn’t work out. So my best friend brought me over to Monsta Beatz studio and told them I could spit and the rest is history. Ever since then I been traveling with them, rapping, getting my name out there and working on my craft. It’s a BLESSING, it’s just meant to be.”

As an introduction to many in the world of Hip-Hop, Quick Smith is releasing his song “Devil On Me” which he recorded as a way to shed the negative energy that going on in his life.

“The record is called Devil on Me was recorded at the studio when I was drunk as shit recording myself and I had just let the beat tape go. I had been going though some shit and I felt like I had the Devil on me so I had to let this out. I know that a lot of people feel that way from time to time but they don’t know how to express it, so this was a song for any one feeling like me,” Quick Smith said.

This Summer Quick Smith will be getting back on the road doing promo and just getting in touch with the fans while he builds up support for his project, Not For Nothing.

“I was just thinking to myself one day, ‘Don’t do all this work and grinding for nothing man, don’t put in all that work for nothing man.’ It’s not for nothing. I might not have it all at this moment, but this will not be for nothing and the hard work that I’m putting in will not be for nothing as long as I believe in it,” Quick Smith recalled.


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