Private Name Private Number – “Big Plane”


To consumers, a name like Private Name Private Number provides instant mystery, intrigue and engagement. It’s ballsy, controversial and authentic. Already larger-than-life, the thriving new artist prepares for his widespread release with the new single, titled, “Big Plane.”

The new song is a braggadocious track, PNPN speaks on his well-deserved lavish lifestyle which includes, first-class treatment inside the mile-high club. From beginning to end, he attracts newfound fans with his witty nature, trendy wordplay and convincing confidence. The song also addresses the envious haters, jealous of his hard-work and dedication. PNPN says, “They mad cause we working daily, cause we run thru the tracks like baily.”

“Big Planes” prophecies the forthcoming arrival of PNPN’s new album, titled, Takeoff. Scheduled of r late-2020 drop, the album builds the artist’s launchpad into superstardom, the upcoming album is being revered as an album-to-hear. “Big Plans coming on the way and you guys soon find out,” he says.

Hear the new single below. “Big Plane” is streaming now on Private Music. Find out more on Private Name Private Number before his new album on Instagram.


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