Priest Da Nomad Drops “Pumpfakin” Video


Priest Da Nomad, a D.C.-based artist, releases the official video for “Pumpfakin.” The single/video is produced by Vintage and off Nomad’s new album ‘Out Da House.’ In the video, Nomad addresses cyber bullies and forces accountability.

Yes, Social Media and the web provide endless opportunities professionally and personally, however, they also provide a dark gateway for cyberbullies who without a Mac or Windows screen wouldn’t be so bold on the streets. Nomad delivers blatant, in-your-face moral reminders along with descriptive consequences for the lack of…”Pumpfakin” is sure to have everyone rethink their intentions before sitting behind a screen and hitting ALL CAPS. Nomad’s message is not one to be ignored.

Watch the video (from the album ‘Out Da House’) and connect with Priest Da Nomad below.

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Connect with Priest Da Nomad
Twitter: @priestdn
IG: @priestdanomad


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