Pre Kai Ro – Glo Up (EP)


Following his latest single ‘Glo Up’ single, Egyptian sensation pre kai ro delivers a string of hits on his 7-Track EP of the same title as he incorporates elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Afrobeats to create a first person recollection of his journey within the world of music. Touching on elements of love, loss and self-evaluation, kai ro’s project plays out as a bittersweet coming of age story of “glowing up” and moving on from a past persona to achieve his current unique and coherent sound. With features from artists like sobhhï and Prznt and production by Don Fuego, olsem and kosei, the 25-minute EP consists of a fully developed pre kai ro showcasing his strengths regarding melody, flow and lyrical ability. The result is an undeniable emotional project displaying both bravado and vulnerability within the artist’s journey.

With a massive 2019, the young star is ready to takeover all of 2020. With a unique voice, tone and growing fan base, the Egyptian native is making quite a name for himself across the globe. The artists versatility might be one of his most interesting traits, leaving it very hard to ever put pre kai ro in a box or label him as a particular type of artist. Sonically speaking, pre kai ro sets himself apart from the pack, while his music undoubtedly speaks for itself, he continues to stray away from the gimmicks and clout like attempts at fame that most artists choose to involve themselves in. At such a young age it would be foolish to say that we have yet to even hear the best of pre kai ro. Racking up millions this past year, pre kai ro is set out to cement his name in the music world.
Don’t sleep on this one and make sure to follow the artist on social media at @prekairo


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