BG Fa$t Sees No End In Sight


An artist of many accomplishments, it’s hard to believe BG Fa$t only just kicked off his music career back in 2017. Today, the Pomona-raised rapper has not only developed a collection of music; he is also a published author and aspiring film producer, soon to be at the top of the world in music and entertainment. 

For BG Fa$t, it wasn’t always as easy as he makes things look. No stranger to life’s many challenges, it took time for the artist to hone his craft, though his love for words and their impact go back much farther than 3 years. Growing up on 2Pac, Eminem, TI, and Lil Wayne and now an ever-growing artist himself, BG Fa$t has witnessed and experienced exactly how far words, goals, and talent will take you. His roots and past experiences keep him grounded through it all. “I’m someone who has dealt with a lot of negativity throughout life as far as lack of support from family and friends and in and out of jail and prison,” he reflects. “But no matter what life threw at me, I never gave up on myself, stayed true to my talents, and kept pushing.”

There are no doubts in BG Fa$t’s mind when it comes to the lengths he’ll continue to go. With his unique style, diverse flow, and commitment to genuine storytelling, those lengths are endless— and that’s for good reason. 

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