NYC Model & Dancer (@IvoryGotCash) Talks With Us About Love and Relationships


Dripped in this seasons Fall Supreme drop, Tent TV has an exclusive shoot and interview with upcoming dancer, Ivory.

When you first meet Ivory, her bubbly personality is on full display. Dancing for some of the hottest clubs in the city, Privileged or Secrets just to name a few; she is in the process of building a name for herself. Don’t be surprised when you see this ambitious starlet in your favorite artists’ next music video.

For starters, how old are you and what is your current relationship status?

I’m 23-years old, and I am single off the market.

Why did you get into modeling?

Because I can be myself and expand my knowledge of fashion. And also the exposure and opportunities there are in the modeling industry.


What was the worst night you experienced as a dancer?

The worst night I ever had dancing was back in 2017 my first time dancing at Xscape in jersey. I busted my ass when I was coming down the pole. That shit happened in front of a crowd of 50 people.


Have you worked with or danced for any celebrity clients?

Sadly, I haven’t gotten to experience anything like that. It would be an honor for me to experience that.

Name your favorite artist right now, and why?

Summer Walker. The reason why is because I can relate to majority of her lyrics and her sense of fashion.


I notice you have a couple of tattoos, how many do you have in all?

I have 7 of them. The reasons why I got them are way too many to list right now, I do plan on finishing my thigh sleeve and my arm.

We’re shooting in Supreme today. What brands are you interested in or looking forward to modeling in the future?

The designer or brand I would like to model for is a tough one because I love Dolce and Gabana as well as Versace fashion. So I couldn’t choose, either one would be an honor.


Could you be with a man that made less money than you?

I actually don’t care if my partner doesn’t make the same amount of money as me. The reason why I say this is because I’m not interested in their pockets, but their personality and mentality. Money doesn’t always create happiness but it does create conflicts.

How important is ‘good’ sex in a relationship to you?

Sex is important but not so important to me because the sex can be out of this world, but if the personality and mentality of that person is not up to par, sex with them is meaningless.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

I kind of do because my current relationship was love at first sight and we still standing strong.

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Photos by – John Sha (@AVG_pictures)


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