NY Panamanian Model Love Nye (@_LoveNye) Talks Bartending At The Top Gentleman’s Clubs In The Tri State Area, Modeling And Future Endeavors.

Model: Love Nye @_LoveNye //// Shot By: Tanny Man - @Realtalqk
The 24 yr old Panamanian mami from NYC that goes by the name of NYE is on the rise in the modeling sector of the entertainment industry. She’s a NYC published model that currently bartends at most of the popular NYC Gentlemen Clubs like Sues, SinCity, Cityscapes, Lust, Angels, Traphouse, La Oficina, and Heavens. She also bartends at Exotics and The Palace in NJ and at Staten Islands, Hush Gentlemen’s Club. Love Nye has done independent music videos for upcoming artists and she also has some upcoming projects that we should keep our eyes peeled for.  Tent TV caught up with Love Nye and talked about her path in modeling up until this point and her future endeavors.


When did you start modeling?

I started modeling this summer of 2016

Does being a bartender at some of the hottest gentleman’s clubs help your modeling career or does it hinder, it and why?

Being a bartender definitely helps with my modeling career because you run into all types of people from upcoming artists, photographers, etc . It’s definitely a boost and gives you an opportunity to meet different people.

Nye 4What publications have you been in and for what brands so far?

I have been doing shoots for a couple of magazines. WCW Mag, Stunt Mag etc. I have been also in iRH (I rather hustle) & obnoxious brand that’s ran by my good friend, Munchie. My stylist also has great hair bundles for the ladies and I have an upcoming shoot for them.

What music videos have you been in that we may know of?

So far none. I have done a lot of upcoming artist videos. They are trying to get their music recognized so having a pretty familiar face might help them and there’s never too much marketing in my eyes.

Nye 5Do you prefer being on the screen in videos or being photographed?

Videos are definitely more easier as far as being photographed is concerned. I say this because I love to act so to play a role and get into character is in my comfortable zone. Being photographed is really an art and takes time.

Do you have acting aspirations as well as modeling?

Yes I love to act.

Model: Love Nye @_LoveNye //// Shot By: Tanny Man - @Realtalqk

What was the best shoot you’ve done so far and why?

My best shoot was these pics and it was taken by Realtqlk. I had so much fun at Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

What are some of the upcoming projects that you’re working on?

I have a lot shoots coming up, for some clothing and hair brands along with features in magazines and a potential reality TV show so stay tuned

Model: Love Nye @_LoveNye //// Shot By: Tanny Man - @Realtalqk

What are some last words that you want the readers to know?

Stay tuned to Love Nye because I’m motivated to be the new face of New York and my name will be remembered.

How can everyone keep up with you on social media?

Twitter: Love_Nyyy
Instagram: _LoveNye
Snapchat: LOVENYYY
Facebook: Love Nye

Booking: loveny1200@gmail.com

Photos By: Tanny Man – @Realtalqk


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