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When you think of Jamaica, Queens two things always come to mind, kingpins and superstars. While the south side of Jamaica, Queens is mostly known for drug czars, the north side has the richest history of rap royalty that Hip Hop has to offer. From Run DMC to LL Cool J to A Tribe Called Quest the back blocks of Hollis, Farmers, and Linden have given birth to nothing but Hip Hop superstars.

Enter NXS (North Side Story), hailing from the infamous ”Rock” a landmark on the legendary Farmers Blvd, this group seamlessly bridges the gap from old to new like never before. The trio consisting of two brothers Good Money and Jus Glo who are the sons of a GRAMMY award winning mix engineer, and their lifetime friend Relly Band$, this group is on the fast track to stardom with their debut project Should’ve Went Platinum.

When asked about his early beginnings in music, Good Money or “Goodie” for short, laughs and says , “I dunno man… My pops always talking bout how I was conceived in a recording studio. All I know is I’ve been rapping since like 5 yrs old. I put my first mixtape out called “Young Boss Music” at 12. Me and Jus was doing shows and all that stuff back then!!! He was my little hype man feel me, years later he started rapping then my bro Band$ started showing up to the studio and that was it. North Side Story was born!”

Their debut project Should’ve Went Platinum is the perfect blend of beats, bars, and swag, as these three effortlessly weave in and out trading ideas and points of view like true vets. While Jus Glo the 15-year-old baritone of the group has “his choppa doin’ handstands” Relly Bandz, the quiet assassin, brags about his $900 pair of “bloody bottoms”. Meanwhile Good Money paints a vivid picture spitting bars like “Niggas cant see me can’t breathe either and when I come around niggas breathe ether”.

Coming from a strong musical stock and a neighborhood rich in history, North Side Story has big shoes to fill indeed, but judging from Should’ve Went Platinum, this Queens bred trio is off to the right track.

Should’ve Went Platinum is available for download on Datpiff.com now!


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