Nothing Except Money Management, LLC Guiding The Lost To The Light. Can We Not Survive Without Money?


Houston, Tx : Nothing Except Money Management,LLC today announced NEMM Wear & Recording. NEMM Wear is a clothing line for Everyone of all ages . We all love money so why not look and represent it like money. Nothing Except Money Management,LLC offers a new way for Musical Artists to record & market their music.
“It’s Nothing Except Money,” says Mr.V.Banks, C.E.O/Artist at Nothing Except Money Management, LLC. “Money is what keeps us moving.”

Features and benefits of NEMM Wear/ Recording include:
● A custom fine print of the logo on any printable material.
● Recording your whole album or mix-tape with high quality sound
● Management services at low cost

NEMM Wear/Recording will be available starting 8-16-2021, at 20$-. For more
information on NEMM Wear/Recording, visit .

About Nothing Except Money Management,LLC:
A family based Independent Entertainment Agency. Built around principals, morals, respect,& knowledge to
understand the proper use of money. We take nothing and turn it into something as the world evolves. Our mission is to help /guide those that are in the dark to The Light.


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