Newark Rapper Fl3a Set To Unleash Debut EP “Fl3adom” with Raw and Authentic Sound


Fl3a, a rising star in the rap game, is set to drop his debut EP “Fl3adom” on February 24, 2023. 

The EP will feature hot collaborations with notable artists like DJ Swill B, Sosa Geek, and P3w, and it will include his hit single “Shawty”. Fl3a is a New Jersey rapper who has quickly made a name for himself in the industry. His rise to fame started only a year ago when he began experimenting with his flow with his brothers, one of whom inspired him to start rapping.

Fl3a’s music is a true reflection of his life and the people around him. In an interview, he said, “everything I rap is about people from that area, what we’ve been through. I’m either talking about myself or them.” This connection to his roots is what sets Fl3a apart from other rappers. His latest single “POPEYES” is a perfect example of this. It is an ode to his lifestyle and some of his favorite things, filmed in an actual Popeyes restaurant in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

In a recent interview with The FADER, Fl3a spoke about his evolution as an artist. “My first song doesn’t even sound like me,” he said. “I’m more energetic. Once you get that comfortability in the booth, everything changes.” He also cited early Jay-Z as a major influence on his music, and his style reflects that. His lyrics are grounded in real moments and manifestations that you can’t help but feel for yourself.

With the release of “Fl3adom,” Fl3a is poised to take his career to the next level. He wants listeners to feel the good vibes in his music and to be inspired to do what they might think is impossible. “New listeners, just pay attention. We’re not gonna do nothing but keep giving you different and better shit. I feel like I’m the best rapper out, not to sound cocky. Don’t blink your eyes, you might miss something!”

Fl3a’s EP “Fl3adom” is a must-listen for fans of authentic rap music. With his raw talent and unique perspective, Fl3a is one to watch in the coming years.

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