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Rochester rapper YKDIRTY releases his second project under Mad Misfit, Camp Fire, which is out now on all digital music platforms. He discusses the concepts of the tracks individually.

Real Dirt
“Real Dirt” was influenced by the pain of my brother and his family as far as his wife (LaTonya) & kids… My brother is my mother’s oldest child. My brother “BJ” has a daughter (Dai-zah) that is 15, A step-son (Darryl) that is 20 & Aniya his step-daughter is 22 who passed away Dec 16th, 2019. The Tragedy Was Definitely unexpected but her name will forever be alive. It Was jus a different type of pain, Nothin the average person ever really went through & sometimes the average person can actually feel pain from without being in that situation. Our family and LaTonya family came together as one to lift each other up especially for Dai-zah & Darryl for losing a sibling. The song “Real Dirt” Brought you into my world & the things my family actually has to still deal with.

LONG LIVE ANIYA We love you forever princess.

Uncle Ruckus
The song “Uncle Ruckus” describes the level up from rags to riches or at least becoming something far more than a local artist. Trying to make a living was a hard task in Rochester New York without a job but trying to be a full-time artist & father. Fun fact about YKDIRTY Actually has 3 kids he has to raise & be there for. Uncle Ruckus represents trenches, poverty, street activity which is all over the world but it never stopped YKDIRTY from believing in the dream & somehow he would figure out the formula to getting out these conditions. YKDIRTY was treated unjustly once before but the case ended up getting dismisses which means YKDIRTY best the charges. His Support From Mom & Dad was something he can never forget & says we will always respect…Ykdirty said he would one day move out of Rochester New York but will always give back to his city & culture as long as it made sense.

Battling between a dream & a heartbreak was the feeling’s influence on this song. Staying motivated was key through it all. Losing someone you love can always make you realize how strong you are by yourself. Going through a case was even more stressful but remaining humbled & having faith lead to a dismissal and YKDIRTY was able to actually focus on music. After traveling to the world doing shows with YUNG KINGZ such as Georgia, Charlotte NC, New York, & more. Also meeting important people that’s in the same profession was willing to work with YKDIRTY. At this point, YKDIRTY was just ready to take on life it was very rough but it gets greater later.

Desert Ego
Receiving an official indie deal with Madmisfit was a big achievement for YKDIRTY. His dream was actually in an envelope, becoming a legal professional at something he loves to do.
“TrapRoc” is his style of music sometimes merging certain plugins like Trap, Rock, or R&B. Ykdirty own Unique way of making music. “Desert Ego” to Ykdirty just means he has a clear mind and focusing on himself.

New Baddie
“New Baddie” gives you a more of an up feeling, basically moving on creating and finding new vibes. More life, things could be worse. This song definitely fits the party catalog out of Camp Fire.

Dangerous & Reckless
Just realizing it’s time to put in some real work with Madmisfit & Upsidedown. Being an independent artist can be challenging but YKDIRTY was up for it. Time to spend more time on your craft instead of wasting time. Motivating peers to find some type of interest in the music business. YKDIRTY wanted to create a great team of hard-workers to help pushed the label and each other. YKDIRTY favorite line in this song was “Working so hard not the average employee.” You get what you put out.

YKDIRTY finally sign with Madmisfit in October, after coming to an agreement. The first song released through Madmisfit was called “Big Time” produced by Skywalker Dutch is on all major platforms including a visual on YouTube. After beating his case YKDIRTY thought the best decision was to sign with MadMisfit to legally become a professional artist. They plan to drop plenty of new music in some cases YKDIRTY will be releasing some of his producer’s instrumental projects. Madmisfit is willing to work with any Ideas YKDIRTY brings to the table. YKDIRTY says he and Madmisfit will definitely be working together for a while. Let’s make greatness.

These 7 tracks were produced by HenkeTooRaw & Vile Sky.

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