New Video: Langston Doobs – Hiii-er (@LangstonDoobs)


Langston Doobs is a up and coming artist hailing from Seattle with a lush, soulful sound in the vein of Anderson Paak. or Goldlink. As a kid Doobs grew up listening to artists such as Sade, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire, and Kenny G before venturing off to play the Trumpet, French horn, and Violin. As well as growing up playing instruments, he also grew up singing in his church choir where he got his first taste of performing and stardom leading the Church Musicals. As well as his musical gifts he also had a gift for the literary arts. Soon after learning poetry in 2nd grade his teacher entered one of his poems in a county wide school poetry contest where he won first place. But it wasn’t til high school that he started making his own music and then it took him dropping out of college in 2014 to have him really start taking it seriously. In 2016 he got his first taste of tour life touring with Macklemore and Raz Simone as more of learning experience while also making meaningful connections. After coming off tour with Macklemore and Raz Simone in the summer of 2016 he started working on his Debut EP “Guided Visions” which he released in April of 2017. Since then he’s dropped a few singles which includes “Hiii-er” and his newest Single “If You Love Yourself” which dropped October 6th. Both Singles have visuals available on Youtube. Doobs has a whole collection of 20+ more songs he plans to releases on a monthly basis leading up to his debut full length project he intends to release Spring of 2018.

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