New Video: Javi – The Plan (@JaviGonzalezII)


Javi is a cross between Trey Songz, Enrique Iglesias, and The Weekend. He also mixes and masters his own work. His first major video release “The Plan” showcases the future stars vocal versatility and commercial appeal.

Get familiar:

Javi was born to a Puerto Rican father and El Salvadorian Mother in Boston. Played piano, guitar, violin, and learned to sing in Church. Left home at 19 to study audio engineering in Maine after working 50+ hour weeks to pay for studio equipment and save for college. He was on food stamps a year and a half ago while pushing himself through school and working on his craft. After he got a small buzz in New England he drove to LA this past March to chase his dreams. He plans to kill the English R&B & Hiphop charts and then segway to the Latin charts and take his brand global.

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