New Musical ‘Never Alone’ Shows How Music Can Heal The Darkest Of Times


Never Alone is a captivating new musical which depicts the separation anxiety and struggles many went through as COVID began. A high school music student, Nate Bannet, is heartbroken when COVID lockdowns separate him from his high school sweetheart. Things seem hopeless until a new music teacher is hired who teaches the young lovers to use music to keep their love alive, even during the darkest of times. It shows how now and throughout time, music has been the cure for some of the darkest times.

It’s a story of love, friendship and perseverance when everyone’s lives came to a screeching halt. Through music that connects the hearts, not even a pandemic can tear Nate and Amy apart.

The film stars Addison Bowman and Amr Nabeel and was created by Riverrock Films, the movie is rated PG island is available on ITunes @


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