New Music: Rylan Oz – Stress


“Stress” by Rylan Oz, is an ambitious attempt to redefine the boundaries of hip-hop, will listeners think this is too far from the genre’s core, sparking debate over its true identity? In an era where hip-hop is celebrated for its raw energy and narratives, Oz’s track stands out, not for its adherence to these principles, but for its departure from them. With its ambient undertones and meditative beats, the track moves into a realm more akin to electronic tranquility than the gritty, rhythm-driven essence of traditional hip-hop.

This divergence on one hand can be hailed as a groundbreaking fusion, a necessary evolution of the genre that pushes the envelope of what hip-hop can be. On the other, critics could argue in its quest for innovation, “Stress” loses the very essence of hip-hop  and becomes its own genre of music.


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