Myles Lloyd – “I Want It All”


Canadian singer MYLES LLOYD is known for mixing soulful melodies with a R&B/POP flavor and now he’s breaking out with his new song, “I WANT IT ALL.” Adding to the allure of the song, MYLES LLOYD connected with Bryson Tiller’s creative director Chase Ichiki for the artwork.

After breaking on to the scene with his song, “STEP DOWN,” which achieved hundreds of thousands of views without any promotion on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and other platforms, MYLES LLOYD returns with a new song that has a deeper meaning than you would initially assume with a materialistic sounding song title like, “I WANT IT ALL.”

But according to MYLES LLOYD, “I WANT IT ALL is not a song about how I want cars, nice things, women or any mainstream want that everyone thinks is needed to be happy. The deeper meaning can be found at the end of the song when I say that I don’t want to party and do all the crazy things kids my age do because in the end I’ll just be delaying my goal, which is having self-happiness and stability in my life. I’m telling people I WANT IT ALL right now, so let me do what I have to do to focus now and we’ll talk later.”

Finding musical inspiration at the age of 18 with his best friend frnchhmwrk, the two began to explore different sounds and melodies, singing and practicing at a local hookah spot.

“He’s all about creating vibes and giving out sounds that really make people feel,” Ryon Simon co-founder of Lode Star Records explained. “He’s working with his long time best friend/producer frnch//hmwrk who has really helped him create his sound as he embarks his way into the music scene, and we have some really big installations planned for him.”

With plans to continue to release music through the end of the year, MYLES LLOYD is anticipating the release of an album in the second quarter of 2019 with Lode Star Records.


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