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“If you don’t feel good, you can’t do good.” – NDO Champ

Robert Wilmote aka NDO Champ is an athlete, motivational coach, actor and influencer whose purpose in life was to utilize his passion to help change the lives of others for the better.

A child of the historical Liberian Civil War, NDO Champ and his family migrated to America to escape the horrors of the war itself but had some trouble adapting to American culture when he was a teenager. Even though he felt lost at times, he always managed to stay in the gym, but even that couldn’t keep him from the street’s calling, which led him to be incarcerated.

After a short stint in prison, NDO Champ became a personal trainer, cross-fitness instructor, and competitive bodybuilder. He also began to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is to help others. He also trained high school basketball students and gave them motivational speeches about the importance of being both physically and mentally strong. He volunteered at the local community centers to teach its members self-defense skills and advised local teens to become great. As of today, he continues to volunteer in his community and does whatever he can to make a difference.

As an influencer, NDO has a pretty high following, with over 203K followers on Instagram and over 70K subscribers on YouTube. He is the first bodybuilder who was presented with a Proclamation from the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and he is currently working on a Bench-It-Up Tour going from state to state, motivating and inspiring the youth to put the guns down and lift weights including adults.

Catch him in Maplewood, NJ for Lift For A Cause on October 12th at Diamond Gym at 732 Irvington Avenue from 12 AM to 3 PM in support of Newark’s lead water crisis prevention. Bring bottles of water to be a part of the workouts with the champ.


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