Mike Reeves is on a mission to have the ladies “Addicted” with his single @Mike_reeves89


If you are a longtime fan of R&B music at least 25 plus years, then you’ve had the opportunity to hear different waves of R&B. There was a time in this genre where music made about women was to compliment, love and show your woman how much you mean to them. Passion was described in a way women long to hear it and Mike Reeves has brought that back to R&B music.

Mike Reeves is an artist out of Houston TX, who is focused on bringing back a wave of R&B that is currently missing. Starting off the wave is his self-produced single Addicted. This single dives deeper into the sexual vibe between a man and woman who cannot get enough of each other’s love and every moment they hint, feel, and show what that looks like.

Listening to “Addicted” gives you a Tank vibe but with an R&B feeling from groups in the 90’s like After 7, Dru Hill, Boys to Men to name a few. The only difference is you are getting this from one person verses a whole group. Mike hits different notes that’s not heard of any more in today’s music which makes you think he is born from a breed you have not experienced in a long time.

Ladies as he prepares to release his album titled “Back to the Roots”, make sure you get your own experience from “Addicted” now available on all digital platforms.

Label Name:4dahouse.ent
Mgr:Joe Blast


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