Mallio Might Be Cincinnati’s Next Rap Star


The Ohio native Mallio mixes modern hip-hop tropes with a soulful rendition of his vocals to curate music that has versatility for club mixes and can be played in the comfort of living rooms. He has a nuanced, tuned musical understanding that is rare for an upcoming artist nowadays, and we want to see more of it as soon as possible.

With the upcoming release of his upcoming project releasing November 1st ‘TMFG,’ Mallio wants to show fans more of what got him to this point but a bit of a more mature side of him, hoping to connect with fans of good music worldwide. The pure essence of music can give people a comfort zone and escape of sorts from issues in life; Mallio’s library offers that in spades.

Artistry is Mallio’s biggest strength, and we encourage you to check out his music below while you wait for ‘TMFG’ to drop.


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